We specialize in the design and development of electric vehicle propulsion system components.  This entails a broad range of disciplines.  Our San Dimas facility has over 21,000 sq. feet of laboratory and office space to support these activities.



Circuit Design & Analysis

Magnetic Design & Analysis

PC Board Design




Structural Analysis

Heat Transfer & Fluid Dynamics Analysis



Embedded real-time control

Diagnostics & Communications

Vehicle VCU and Driver Interface


Prototype Fabrication & Assembly

Electrical Circuit Board and Wire Harness Assembly

Full CNC machine shop for prototype and limited production runs

Metal, plastic and composite fabrication including cutting, welding, forming and molding


Vehicle Integration

Conversion of ICE vehicle to electric drive for prototype vehicle development and drivetrain component testing



Performance  testing of products (bench, dynamometer and vehicle levels)

Environmental testing (Temperature & Humidity Chamber, vibration, EMI, durability)

Production automated tester design


Documentation and Reports

Production drawings and specifications

Process documents



Design Revision control


Manufacturing Process Development

New process development & factory support

Customer Support

Support installation and customization of our products for customer applications

Customer on-site support available

See the link below for more information on custom application.