Vehicle to Grid Power

Vehicle to Grid Power
Enabling a Greener and More Efficient World

Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) is a technology that makes clean and efficient electric-powered transportation possible by allowing electric vehicles to power and be powered by the grid. AC Propulsion's electric vehicles have the energy source capable of producing the 50 Hz or 60 Hz AC electricity that powers our homes and offices. Our tzero™ drive system provides a state-of-the-art feature to allow interaction with the grid: a bi-directional charger – our charger works both ways. This means that our charger can serve as a regulated power source that both pulls and returns energy to the grid.

With an electric vehicle, you are driving an electrical storage system: since the average US car is driven one hour per day, it can be made available to the grid while charging for the other 23 hours. tzero™ technology allows an electric vehicle to draw or produce up to 19 kW, the average power need of 13 US houses. Using IP or broadcast protocols, utilities grid operators can communicate with plugged-in cars, buying electricity from car owners when it is needed, and selling it back when demand is lower. So, in owning an electric vehicle with tzero™ technology, customers could actually use their cars to earn revenue!

Our electric vehicles can also increase the efficiency and reliability of the existing grid, which decreases petroleum use, and makes possible a larger share of renewable energies such as wind and solar in the future.

AC Propulsion is currently working with V2G research and development programs throughout the US to supply V2G-capable vehicles, evaluate V2G functionality, and develop the communications and control systems that will necessary to enable electric vehicles to support the power grid. We see the promise of a greener and more efficient world, and are doing our part to make it a reality.

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